Call for Scope & Topics

Evolution of engineering materials is strongly depending on the growing revolution of complexity in engineering products. New materials being constructed are required to provide specific properties and demonstrate certain functional characteristics by influencing their dimension, chemistry, and structure through various advanced technologies. Therefore, “smartness” of material becomes the topic of interest. Properties of smart materials may vary according to the applied external stimuli. Smart Materials are designed materials which seize one or more properties which can be drastically changed. Designing the combination of several different materials through modeling, and simulation to have a material with desired properties and structure is the concept behind Smart Materials and Structures. They are hybrid materials composed of dissimilar phases which significantly change upon exposure to applied external stimuli such as temperature, stress, magnetic or electric fields. Smart Structures composed of smart materials capable of sensing stimuli, responding to it and reverting to its original state after the stimuli are removed. Smart Materials like piezoelectric materials, electrostrictive materials, shape memory materials, smart fluids, smart hydrogels, Electrochromic materials, phase change materials, nanomaterials, ceramics, smart textiles build the global market. Smart Materials join actuators and sensors that highly incorporate into the structures and have basic functionality and in addition highly integrated control logic, signal conditioning, and signal power amplification electronics.


Track 1- Smart Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications

Methodology of Research and Analysis and Modeling

Materials Manufacturing and Processing

Smart Structures and Materials

Properties and Characterization of Smart Materials

Materials for green and smart food packaging

Future Scope of Smart Materials

Smart Materials in Global Market

Track 2- Smart and Nano Materials

Bio-inspired materials and structures

New Materials for Sensors and Actuators: Sensing the Future with

Autonomous materials


Nano and multifunctional materials

Smart Materials and Micro/Nanosystems

Track 3- Smart Materials and Smart Applications of new Materials

Shape Memory Materials: State-of-the-art Research and Applications

Smart assembling on surfaces

Smart materials for artificial sensing

Smart Biomaterials and Bioinspired Smart Materials and Systems

Smart materials for energy harvesting

Track 4- Smart Materials in Medical Sciences

Structural health monitoring

Smart Nanoparticles for cancer therapy

Intelligent Drug Delivery and Release Systems

Progress in Wearable/Wireless and Implantable Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare Applications

Smart Materials for body implants, Prosthesis and Medical Imaging

Track 5- Smart Materials in Electronic Device

Stretchable and Flexible Electronic Materials & Devices

Smart materials for artificial sensing

Track 6- BioActive Smart Materials

Implant Development

Bio Plastics

Intelligent Materials for Intelligent Textiles

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